ICCSAA Fall 2016 Student Leadership Conference Information

This year, the Fall 2016 ICCSAA Leadership Conference will be held at Pheasant Run Resort, St. Charles IL and Elgin Community College in Elgin, IL!

The theme for this year’s conference is “Awake and Alive: The Mind and Body Connection,” and will feature three fantastic keynote speakers who will focus on the mind and body connection.


Conference Schedule (Tentative)

Friday, October 21

3:00 – 5:30 p.m. Registration and Check-in Pheasant Run Resort
6:00 -7:30 p.m. Dinner and Awards Pheasant Run Ballroom
7:30 – 8:30 p.m. Awake and Alive Keynote Pheasant Run Ballroom Ft. Dr. David Stovall
8:30 – Midnight Free time/ Social time Pheasant Run
9:00 – 10:00 p.m. ICCSAA Advisor Meeting (Part I) Arnold Palmer Room

Saturday, October 22

6:30 – 7:15 a.m. Awake with Yoga! Pheasant Run
8:00 – 8:30 a.m. Travel to ECC
8:30 – 9:15 a.m. Breakfast Bldg. E, Dining Bay
8:30 – 9:15 a.m. Breakfast / Advisor Meeting (Part II)
9:15 – 10:30 a.m. Conscious Living Seigle Auditorium Ft. Pandit Dasa
10:40 – 10:55 a.m. Break
11:00 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. Hip Hop Mind & Body Connection  Ft. Rebel Diaz
12:20 – 1:10 p.m. Lunch / I Am Poem
1:15 pm Depart ECC

Speaker Bios

David Stovall, iccsaa-fa16-registration-formPh.D. is Professor of Educational Policy Studies and African-American Studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). His scholarship investigates four areas 1) Critical Race Theory, 2) concepts of social justice in education, 3) the  relationship between housing and education, and 4) the relationship between schools and community stakeholders. In the attempt to being theory to action, he has spent the last ten years working with community organizations and schools to develop curriculum that address issues of social justice. His current work has led him to become a member of the Greater Lawndale/Little Village School of Social Justice High School design team, which opened in the Fall of 2005. Furthering his work with communities, students, and teachers, Stovall is involved with youth-centered community organizations in Chicago, New York and the Bay Area. Currently this work manifests itself in his involvement with the Chicago Grassroots Curriculum Taskforce (CGCT), a collection of classroom teachers, community members, students and university professors who engage in collaborative community projects centered in creating relevant curriculum. In addition to his duties and responsibilities as a professor at UIC, he also serves as a volunteer social studies teacher at the Greater Lawndale/Little Village School for Social Justice.

iccsaa-fa16-registration-form1Pandit Dasa is an adjunct lecturer at Columbia University Teachers College and Union Theological Seminary, author of Urban Monk and meditation teacher. As an urban monk, he teaches people how to reduce stress and how to develop a mindful approach to living and leading. Pandit Dasa is an inspirational speaker, meditation teacher, and well-being expert. He has spoken on Mindful Leadership and Work-Life Balance at the SHRM Convention, the World Bank, Bank of America, Novartis, Harvard, USC, Google, JPMorgan Chase, Intel, New York Times, and writes for The Huffington Post. In his book, Urban Monk, Pandit writes about the turning point in his life that came after his family lost their multimillion-dollar business, which caused them to lose everything. This served as a catalyst for Pandit’s journey that would take him from Los Angeles, to post-Communist Bulgaria, to a monastery in Mumbai, India. Pandit spent 15 years in New York City living as a monk. He uses his training and experiences to help corporate and student audiences manage stress and develop a work-life balance.


iccsaa-fa16-registration-form3Fronted by MC’s Rodstarz, and MC/Producer G1, Rebel Diaz shows
us the true global power of Hip-Hop. After first performing at an immigrant rights march in New York City in 2006 in front of a half million people, the bilingual crew has taken the  international community by storm with their explosive live shows. With influences ranging from Chicago house to South American folk, Rebel Diaz combines classic boom bap tradition with Hip-Hop’s global impact. The group’s versatility has allowed for them to share the stage with the likes of Common, Mos Def, and Public Enemy, while feeling right at home with acts like Rage Against the Machine and Calle 13. Multiple tours throughout Europe and Latin America have only solidified their  international appeal. With roots in Chicago, and now based in the South Bronx, NY, Rebel Diaz has also piqued the interest of the academic community with their poignant social commentary and energetic  performances. They have spent the last 8 years visiting dozens of colleges and universities, facilitating workshops, speaking on panels, and performing at national conferences.

I Am Poem

As part of the conference this year we will be asking participants to complete an “I Am Poem”. Some students will be offered the opportunity to read their poem during the closing lunch on Saturday. Please feel free to share the poem in advance for those students who might enjoy more time for the creative exercise. There will be time for students to complete the poem during the conference as well. We hope to collect as many poems as possible and create an ICCSAA I Am Poem compilation.

Purpose: The purpose of the “I am Poem,” is to disclose information about yourself in an effort to share and learn about one another.

Directions: Fill in the guideline blanks describing yourself, special things that others might not know. Avoid obvious and the ordinary, such as “I am 18 year old man with brown hair and hazel eyes.” Think of things about yourself that are distinctive and unique. Don’t be afraid to be different.

I am (two characteristics about yourself)
I wonder (something you are actually curious about)
I hear (an imaginary sound)
I see (an imaginary sight)
I want (an actual desire)
I am (the first line repeated
I pretend (something that you actually pretend to do)
I feel (a feeling about something)
I touch (an imaginary touch)
I worry (something that you worry about)
I cry (something that makes you sad)
I am (the first line repeated)
I understand (something you know is true)
I say (something you believe in)
I dream (something you actually dream about)
I try (something you make an effort for)
I hope (something you actually hope for)
I am (the first line repeated)

Friday night evening entertainment provided by:
AMJ Spectacular Events and Record-A-Hit