ICCSAA Research Grant – $1000

ICCSAA is an organization of Student Life professionals at Illinois community colleges dedicated to student development through the delivery of co-curricular programs and services that complement and supplement student learning.

The ICCSAA Research Grant is designed to assist masters and doctoral degree students in completing academic research on topics relevant to the field of Student Activities and other related areas at two-year institutions.  Topics for consideration may include but are not limited to the following: Multicultural Programming Models; Model Leadership Programs; Collection and Use of Student Activities Fees; Programming for Adult Students; Effectiveness of Student Governments; and research that relates student development models to the field of Student Activities. Candidates are encouraged to submit other relevant topics.

STIPEND: Following completion of the funded research project and upon receipt of completed copy and with approval from ICCSAA, a stipend of $1,000.00 will be awarded to the grantee.


1)   Complete the application

2)   Submit proposal narrative (5 pages maximum) identifying purpose, objectives, methods, benefits and projected results

3)   Provide a copy to of your most recent transcript

4)   Attach a copy of your current resume

DEADLINE: Postmarked by October, 7th 2016

CONTACT:    Allison von Ende

Kishwaukee College

21193 Malta Road

Malta, IL 60150

Phone: 815-825-9527

Email: Allison.vonende@kishwuakeecollege.edu