Awards, Scholarships & Grant

Ed Snyder Merit Book Award

A Merit Book is a binder, or bound document, that provides an accounting of activities and service provided by that year’s student government (note: a school’s student government could also be its “leadership council” or “campus activities board”).  All ICCSAA membership schools are welcome to participate.  To be eligible for this year’s award, you need to submit your school’s Merit Book at the Professional Development Conference in May.

Winners will be announced at the ICCSAA Fall Student Conference. 

Award Information and Criteria (.pdf)  Not available at this time.

Creative Marketing Award

There are two categories for awards:  campaigns completed for UNDER $200 budget; campaigns completed for OVER $200 budget.

Campaigns for the current year must have been completed between October 1 of the previous year through September 30 of the current year.  If your entry is a series, and it begins during August or September of the current year but is not completed until Spring Semester of the current year, please hold that entry, and submit it for consideration next year.

Entries may come from activities boards or student organizations (SGA’s qualify as a student organization). The limit is two (2) entries per organization.  That’s two total, not two per category.  However, you may submit one entry in each category for a total of two entries.

Winners will be announced at the ICCSAA Fall Student Conference.

Applications are due OCTOBER 4 – Award Application (.pdf)  Not available at this time.

Michael Nejman Excellence in Programming Award

The award is open to any student programming body, including activities boards and clubs and organizations.

One (1) program will be selected to receive the award among all applications. Reporting of the program budget and attendance will help the selection committee understand the scope of the program; however, budget and attendance will not be a determining factor in the selection of the award winner. The top three (3) programs will be recognized at the ICCSAA Fall Student Conference, and the winner announced during the awards portion of the dinner.

Programs will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Impact on community
  • Quality of organization and production of program
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Enhancement of classroom experience through collaboration with faculty (if relevant)

Applications due OCTOBER 11 – Award Details and Application (.pdf)  Not available at this time.

Winners will be announced at the ICCSAA Fall Student Conference.

ICCSAA $250 Scholarship Application  — YES! 

Each year, ICCSAA offers a $250 scholarship available to students who attend the ICCSAA Fall Student Leadership Conference. To apply for a scholarship, students must submit a resume and a reflection essay.  ICCSAA professional staff believe in the future of student leaders and have provided the funding of these scholarships. Scholarships are due after the conference and will be announced during the Fall Student Conference each year.

Information on the scholarship will be first announced at the Fall Student Leadership Conference. View application process for this year’s Virtual Fall Student Leadership Conference. As noted, submissions are due on Monday, November 1, 2021 at 5 p.m. 

ICCSAA Research Grant $1000

ICCSAA is an organization of Student Life professionals at Illinois community colleges
dedicated to student development through the delivery of co-curricular programs and services that complement and supplement student learning.

The ICCSAA Research Grant is designed to assist masters and doctoral degree students in completing academic research on topics relevant to the field of Student Activities and other related areas at two-year institutions. Topics for consideration may include but are not limited to the following: Multicultural Programming Models; Model Leadership Programs; Collection and Use of Student Activities Fees; Programming for Adult Students; Effectiveness of Student Governments; and research that relates student development models to the field of Student Activities. Candidates are encouraged to submit other relevant topics.

Applications due postmarked by OCTOBER 11 – Grant Application (.pdf)  Not available at this time.


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